Many people are worried about the cost of retirement, or if they will even be able to retire. Well worry no more! Using Regal Assets, you can begin what is called a Gold IRA. A Gold IRA can secure your financial well-being up until you are ready to stop working and start relaxing. There’s no need to worry about whether or not you will have enough money to support your retirement plans when you use Regal Assets.

What is a Gold IRA?

gold iraA Gold IRA is an IRS compliant, self regulated IRA that allows physical gold and other precious metals, like silver, platinum and palladium to be included in it, but it doesn’t stop there. Physical gold and other precious metals, are only one form of investment used for this IRA, because you can also have an ETF or stocks and shares in gold mining companies invested in it as well. The best part, is this type of IRA opens the doors and complies with government regulations to use physical gold and other precious metals, but can also be combined with other investments you would like included in your IRA. Find out more about how a gold ira works, things you should be considering, different retirement plans, and more, by browsing through our website.

What if I already have an IRA?

No problem! There is no penalty or rule against having more than one IRA, and no reason to choose between one or the other. Having multiple IRAs allows you to transfer, rollover, or even partially transfer from custodian to custodian.

What about Rollovers and Transfers fees?

Rollovers and Transfers of IRAs are easily done. You can rollover an account by receiving that distribution and turn around to invest it in another retirement plan. Transfers and even partial transfers can be done easily by simply transferring your assets from one account straight to the other. The best part, there are no transferring or rollover fees when doing this!

What About Other Fees?

Other fees can be charged depending on the company that you are using at the time. Setup and storage fees are really the only fees that you have to worry about when investing. You can sometimes even find companies that will waive those setup and storage fees for a period of time, when you invest over a certain amount, and some that will discount for doing transfers or rollovers.

What’s the Big Deal?

goldThe biggest reason why it is beneficial to invest in gold is because of the national debt and concern for the drop of value in the U.S. dollar. What is even more concerning is that there is also a crisis in Europe, where the fate of the euro is still to be determined. That being said, the value of gold has continued to increase over the past 12 years, and has more than tripled in the past decade.

The Benefits of a Gold IRA

There is a global demand for precious metals and because of their limited supply, the value will always be strong. There are advantages for choosing to invest in a Gold IRA. The risks might be high but the returns are very high as well. Below you’ll find the benefits of investing in Gold IRAs:

  • Because of its scarcity, gold is a tangible asset whose value will always rise when the demand for it increases. The strength of various currencies might wane but gold will always have the potential to increase in value.
  • Gold is not just a form of currency or a metal used to create jewelry, it is a metal that is used to manufacture certain components for various products. Some of the products that are manufactured with gold can be found in certain types of electronic equipment and they will continue to do so because of its strength and durability. There will always be a demand for gold.
  • Over the past decades gold performed better than the real estate market. It has done so with little risk and less volatility. Gold has always offered a great potential for growth and appreciation for investors.
  • Gold is not affected by the rise and fall of inflation. Gold will always have the potential to grow regardless of what might be happening in the stock markets.

Unlike IRAs in traditional banks and brokerage firms, Gold IRAs provide assets that allow one to diversify and increase his or her overall portfolio. Anyone who is considering investing in a gold IRA should be able to evaluate the benefits but also be aware of the potential risks. If you want maximum returns on your investment then you should look into gold IRA rollovers.

When is the Best Time to Invest in Gold?

gold ira investingNow! It is always a good time to invest in the ever dependable value of gold and other precious metals, but now more than ever. There has been a small decrease in the price of gold going from 2012 to 2013, which is what investors call a “breather”, but this is what makes it such a great time to start investing. Get gold at a cheaper price now and watch it grow! After time, you will start to see the value fluctuate like it has this past year, but this is definitely a normal occurrence that in the end, continues to rise.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, all you have to do is either use an existing custodian to invest or start a Gold IRA custodian with a company. I recommend using Regal Assets. This company is based out of California that was founded in 2003. They are a reputable company that was named in the Forbes Investment Guide, being the only precious metals investment company to be named there. An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a Treble A rating with Business Consumer Alliance (BCA, a 5 Star Rating from Top Consumer Reviews) and a preferred membership with Trustlink, are all reasons why I chose to use them, and why I feel confident enough to recommend them to you. You can establish a Gold IRA account, today by visiting Regal Assets.

Once you start noticing the increase in the value of gold, I have no doubt that you will see why having a Gold IRA is such a great idea.